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Be the Best of Whatever You Are

Unpacking Religion, Relationships and Rape Culture

A lot happened between 2013 – 2015. So many family and church friends disowned me for posting bodybuilding competition photos. I was living in fear of disappointing God and so many women I respected who told me I was “tempting others to sin”.

Okay to Be Me

Depression, anxiety and unhappiness affect all of your circles. it can also prevent you from being progressive and consistent. I was hesitant to continue to create because I thought my depression was seeping through my work and when I started my YouTube channel I said that my mission was to help people use their platform to inspire others. I realize now sometimes you create to inspire yourself. This is the product of all those feelings!

Bill Cosby: Gone to Prison | Play Your Card

At the age of 81, Bill Cosby faces a prison sentence of 3-10 years for a crime he committed 14 years ago. Others have called for 84 year old Carolyn Bryant, Emmett Till’s accuser to serve time too after hearing she may have confessed to lies that resulted in his brutal death in 1955.

4 Ways to Make Money for Our Movements in 2018

My 2018 Money for Our Movements Conference Notes
This past weekend I attended my first Money for Our Movements Social Justice Fundraising Conference in Atlanta, …

7 Ways to Beat Google’s Bias Algorithms

Learn 7 ways to beat Google’s bias algorithm so that you can began ranking #1 in search engine results.