25 Passive Income Ideas For Foundations

25 Passive Income Ideas for Foundations

I’m really excited to cover the topic of Passive Income on my blog. Most people believe foundations only bring in money through donations. Truth is donations are only a percentage of the funds brought in by foundations. Foundations that create multiple streams of income have more stability.

With Passive Income You Can Bring In Money for Your Foundation In Your Sleep

Have you ever bought cookies from a Girl Scout? Have you ever shopped at Goodwill? Like these two wildly popular organizations, your foundation can bring in money through product sales and services. These are just a couple of options for acquiring extra money outside of donations, but let’s take it a step further. Why not automate your cashflow with passive income?

25 Ways to Bring in Money for Your Foundation Literally While You Sleep

  1. Sell pictures from your events
  2. Sell apparel and/or accessories
  3. Sell your book (paperback or e-book)
  4. Sell event tickets
  5. Sell a memorabilia 
  6. Get paid for advertising other brands on your Instagram account
  7. Become a spokesperson
  8. Become a youtube partner
  9. Become an Amazon Associate
  10. Get paid for affiliate marketing with other companies
  11. Charge vendors for promoting at your next event
  12. Become a charitable partner to a store that gives away a profit percentage to charity
  13. Use cash back credit cards
  14. Teach in an automated webinar
  15. Start a blog
  16. Participate in giveaways
  17. Participate in research
  18. Sell services on Fiverr
  19. Run Facebook Ads
  20. Place ads on your car
  21. Refer a Friend to different services
  22. Become a social media Influencer
  23. Build an app and sell it on Amazon or Google Play
  24. Create Domain Names and Sell Them
  25. Sponsor Tweets

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