Buy More Black Challenge: Day 2

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Week 1: Making the Switch

This Week’s Goal: Learn the seven step process that will make it much easier for you to start buying more Black products and services.

Day 2: Make the financial commitment

Today’s Task: Make the financial commitment even if it’s not convenient.

How did you do yesterday? If you aren’t sure if buying Black is going to work for you, it’s okay. Just keep moving forward in the challenge and I promise you’ll gain more clarity.

So today’s challenge is about making a financial commitment. As I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post, buying Black can sometimes be inconvenient and not always the most cost effective purchases you’ll make. Think about how many Black-owned brick and morter stores you have in your neighborhood. If you live in a town like I grew up, Chicago, you may be able to find a directory online. But, if you live in small rural town like I did for college, you may be able to count them on one hand. Gas money and shipping fees can be a deterrent in your decision to commit to buying Black. Don’t let draw back be the determining factor. See the bigger picture.

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This journey towards buying Black can really be a game changer for your community, even in those small rural towns. We’ll dive into that more in week two, but know that your personal commitment to buying Black contributes to much more than your own household. Where you commit your dollars is spending power and impacts the entire nation, Black and otherwise.

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