Buy More Black Challenge: Day 12

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Week 2: Become a Conscious Consumer

This Week’s Goal: Learn the seven step process that will make it much easier for you to start buying more Black products and services.

Day 12: Track the impact of your local spending power

Today’s Task: Track the impact of your local spending power

Have you ever thought about where your money goes after you’ve purchased a product or service?

When slavery ended in America, many of the black folks decided to become share croppers because that was what they new how to do, tend a farm. Specializing in agriculture today is a respected field that is still profitable today, but for whom?

What you spend your money on locally has a great impact on the growth of your community. Think about it. If you are shopping from your grocery store, do you know if they are stocking their shelves with items from companies in other countries? If you aren’t sure, next time you go to buy produce, look for a sticker that says where it came from.

You might be surprised how much of what you eat comes from outside of the U.S. Now, there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with buying imported fruit and vegetables, but consider a few of these factors.

First, any fresh food that must be shipped to you from overseas and out of state is growing bad over the time that it takes to get to you. This means that by the time it reaches your local grocery store, it’s maybe got a good week to 3 days window for you to consume it without it starting to mold or rot.

Second, the money that you are spending in your local store for the produce they are buying across country aren’t being invested in your local farmers. These local business owners have to work 10 times harder to sell and usually not to locals in the community. You might think there isn’t anything that you can do about that, but you’re wrong!

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Next time you need to stock up on apples or bread, consider shopping local. Go to a nearby coop or support the vendors at your local farmers market.

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