Buy More Black Challenge: Day 15

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Week 3: Leverage Your Buying Power

This Week’s Goal: Learn how to progress from loyal fan to an influencer for Black owned Brands.

Day 15: Write the Perfect Review

Today’s Task: Write the perfect review

Writing a good review for a business is more than just suggesting that people should buy it. It’s proven that what people say in reviews matters to other consumers who are considering buying a product or service.

When you write a good review you’ll want to keep this checklist in mind.

  1. Leave a detailed describe of the product or service.
  2. Share what you loved most and why it was beneficial for you to purchase
  3. Don’t half-ass it! Use complete sentences.
  4. Use words that are descriptive and paint a vivid picture for the reader
  5. Write the review in your own voice.
  6. Explain the urgency of why people shouldn’t wait to buy
  7. Include a photo of you with the product or finished service.
  8. Always tell the truth. Don’t every say anything that wasn’t true or write a review for a product/service you didn’t actually purchase.

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By the time a consumer checks for reviews, they have already determined that they would like to buy the product or service. People check reviews for affirmation that they should buy a product. What you say others should spend their money on, is a great way to leverage your influence and control other people’s buying power. So next time, be sure to leave a review and help a black-owned business out with a stellar review if they have earned it!

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