Buy More Black Challenge: Day 16

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Week 3: Leverage Your Buying Power

This Week’s Goal: Learn how to progress from loyal fan to an influencer for Black owned Brands.

Day 16: Influence What Others Buy with Social Sharing

Today’s Task: Influence what others buy with social sharing

Today’s task is really a no brainer for most. I want you to take yesterday’s task a step further. In day 15 you were asked to write the perfect review, especially for black-owned business. Consider sharing that review on your social media sites so that all of your closest friends (or even a couple thousand total strangers) can see those products or services highlighted on your pages. You never know, someone may be looking for a recommendation on that thing. Influencing what others buy with social sharing not only helps the vendor, but it helps out people who have been searching for vendors who can address their pain points.

How often do you re-post your reviews or purchases you’ve bought online on social media? Have you ever bought something that you read a good review for on social media? Tell us in the comments.

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