Buy More Black Challenge: Day 17

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Week 3: Leverage Your Buying Power

This Week’s Goal: Learn how to progress from loyal fan to an influencer for Black owned Brands.

Day 17: Earn Your First Affiliate Commission

Today’s Task: Earn your first affiliate commission

One of the major excuses I hear about buying black is that it’s too expensive. This really is an interesting concept to me because we know that people will spend their money on whatever they find to be valuable. Still, finding great deals is something people search for and even look forward to. I mean, who doesn’t love a good sale, right?

The issue with that is, it often costs more for black-owned businesses to sustain their businesses and to bring you their products and services. They cannot compete with the prices offered in Walmart or Target. That expectation, simply isn’t realistic. So remember, all the way back to Day 2 of this challenge when I shared that you had to be committed financially? That’s because I know, bargain shopping at giant stores is tempting, but it’s often at a great expense to the black community because those dollars do not profit the black community.

I know. I know. Our finances often dictate our spending habits, rather than our spending habits dictating where our money goes. So I figured the best way to help you out with today’s task is to share black-owned businesses that will pay you back for shopping with them when your friends buy from them too. That way it’s a win-win situation for all. Click here to find my list of black-owned affiliate programs inside of the Resource Library.

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