Buy More Black Challenge: Day 3

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Week 1: Making the Switch

This Week’s Goal: Learn the seven step process that will make it much easier for you to start buying more Black products and services.

Day 3: Plan and prepare for what you'll buy

Today’s Task: Plan and prepare for what you’ll buy

Planning and preparing are very different tasks, but they do relate to one another. That’s why I’ve put them together for you on Day 3 of this challenge. It’s going to require a little bit of time, so make sure you are ready for it.

Okay! So, planning as it pertains to buying Black, means sitting down and writing out a list of categories for what you’ll buy. You know how when you go to a company’s website they give you a breakdown of what they sell in the menu? How about when you go to the grocery store and things are broken down by lanes and aisles? That’s what you’ll doing today. Create categories, like “Home & Garden, Accessories, Automotive, etc.) you’ll buy Black from so that you stay in your lane and avoid going overboard. This is also a great idea if you tend to shop on impulse. (There’s a lot of Black girl magic out there and you don’t need to go broke tying to help a sista out!) Practice good money management so you can support Black businesses. If you already have bad spending habits, switching Black might not ease your pockets but it is certainly good for the soul.

Preparing looks like going to the bank to get the cash you’ll need to spend or making sure your husband knows you’ll need to borrow the car for a few hours.

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This task can actually be a lot of fun, because you’ll be seeing what deals and offers are available, but again, don’t go crazy. Ease into this thang! You’re only in the first few days of the challenge, so leave some room to grow. If you find that things are a bit out of your price range, keep following along in the challenge because I’m going to tell you how you can get cash back and rewards for shopping Black.

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