Buy More Black Challenge: Day 4

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Week 1: Making the Switch

This Week’s Goal: Learn the seven step process that will make it much easier for you to start buying more Black products and services.

Day 4: Compile a list of what you think you want

Today’s Task: Compile a list of products or services you think you want

In day 3, you spent time planning what you need or want to buy by creating categories (i.e. Home and Garden, Accessories, Clothes, Food, etc.) Now is the time. Get specific about what you want and need to buy from Black business owners. Trust me, anything you want some Black girl magic (or Black guy… yeah, pretty much all genders of color) has created what you’re looking for. And if they haven’t, maybe your need is an opportunity for you to start your own business and monetize your own magic.

If you aren’t sure or don’t know where you can find Black-owned items there are lots of directories online. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. We’ll cover researching products and finding hard to find items later in the week. For now, just make your list of what you think you’ll want.

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Don’t put this task off till later. Just get it done now. Want to know how I grow and organize my Black business list or anything really? Watch this video!


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