Buy More Black Challenge: Day 5

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Week 1: Making the Switch

This Week’s Goal: Learn the seven step process that will make it much easier for you to start buying more Black products and services.

Day 5: Do your research on those products

Today’s Task: Do your research on the products you want to purchase before you buy them

Today’s task will come easy if you have a small list, but if you wrote out a ginormous list 1.) Kudos to you for being so committed and willing to back Black businesses with your dollars and 2.) you may need a few hours or even a few days to complete today’s task.

Today’s task calls for you to take some time and sit in front of a computer or pull out your phone. Google and maybe even Siri will be your best friend on today as you will be doing your due diligence and actually researching the ingredients and businesses you intend to back with your hard earned money.

Before you buy anything, always research the brand and the product or services. The same goes for Black-made and Black-owned. I would never tell you to purchase something that’s inadequate or morally suspect.

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It’s so easy to make a decision on impulse in the store, but if you follow the seven steps laid out for you in this challenge, you’ll be making better choices about where and who your money is supporting.

How many times have you purchased a product only to find out that the brand was co-founded or received significant financial support by someone known to be a bigot? It happens often, yet people still don’t do their due diligence to research or at least follow the money trail and thus keep pumping their cash into the pockets of morally bankrupted individuals.

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