Buy More Black Challenge: Day 8

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Week 2: Become a Conscious Consumer

This Week’s Goal: Learn the seven step process that will make it much easier for you to start buying more Black products and services.

Day 8: Understanding buying black-owned vs. black-made

Today’s Task: Understand the difference between buying black-owned vs. black-made.

Welcome to week 2 of the Buy More Black challenge. I hope that week one, Making the Switch was easy as pie for you! If it wasn’t, hopefully week 2 on Becoming a Conscious Consumer gives you more to think about so that you can deepen your commitment to buying black.

Today’s task requires you to do a little bit of research and reflection on your own personal goals and values. The understanding of what you are buying and from who make up the distinct differences between buying black-owned versus buying black-made.

Black-owned means you are buying from a company who owns stock or a partial stockholder who identifies as having African heritage. Black-made means you are buying a product or service that was created by someone who identifies as African heritage.

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Does it matter to you if your products were created by someone black? Does it matter if your products are being sold by a company whose owners are black? Maybe you wish to only support products and services that are both black-owned and black-made.

Whatever you decide your philosophy is around buying black, is up to you. I’d love to hear your opinions about what buying black means to you. Join us over in the Mamie Taught Me: BUY MORE BLACK Facebook Group to have a deep dialogue. Leave a comment and engage with the other  participants.

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