Foundation Donors, Which Marketing Channel Is Your Best Source?

You’re ready to turn your pain into purpose by starting a memorial foundation, but how do you began to market your message? Do you know where your foundation donors are? How do you reach them and let them know you are on a mission to spark change?

On top of looking for donors, you’ll have to answer emails, pay bills, make reservations, plan out events, and post regularly on your blog and social media. If you are about to embark on this new journey and start a new memorial foundation, you’ll have to prioritize. When you’re first starting out, you may be operating in a business of one — just you. You will be playing the role of Executive Director, Administrative Secretary, Event Planner and Social Media Manager, just to name a few. You’re time is limited, but with all that on your plate, you will still need to keep reaching out to foundation donors pretty high on that list.  For that reason, and many more, it’s extremely important to create an action plan for reaching out to foundation donors on an ongoing basis. Knowing how to find them, will make running your memorial foundation much easier.

There’s no marketing magic trick to get people to give you money, only simple and deliberate strategies for finding donors. @mamietaughtme

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Discovering where your donors are will determine the key marketing channels where you should spend your time and money to bring them to your number one marketing platform, which is your website or where ever you are hosting your signup for your mailing list. Your number one marketing platform will always be your website, because it’s the only platform you own. Own your platform, then you will never have to worry about the success algorithm changing. Because you don’t own Facebook, they reserve the right to kick you off at any time. You can be placed in “Twitter Jail” for posting something against their guidelines, but with your own platform, you can set your own guidelines. That’s why it’s important to grow your own community on your own platforms with a mailing list.

A memorial foundation’s number one marketing platform will always be a WP website, because it’s the only platform you own. – @mamietaughtme

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When you own your own platform you own your content, you own your system and your distribution list. If you haven’t read the fine print on your social media site, now might be a good time. You don’t own anything attached to your social media accounts. That includes your handle or username and even access to your followers. Which means, if that platform folded, you wouldn’t be entitled to your user account. For someone who relies on one platform for reaching donors, this would cause their memorial foundation to take a major financial hit. All other platforms should be tools to drive traffic to your website. Your website is where you host your funding campaign to receive donations and your email list to build a community. These are two of the most important aspects of your memorial foundation’s business.

It’s mistake for memorial foundations to focus on building their social media following. Prioritize building a donor list. Sharing lengthy posts on Facebook or even videos may get you a few likes and comments from people who aren’t really sure what to say to comfort you. It may even move people to donate one time, but unless you own the platform you are doing it wrong. You want to be able to reach out to your community and your foundation donors over and over again. You want to be able to project donor dollars for the upcoming year. Once I show you these two systems, you can plan ahead for your memorial foundation’s growth and success. That’s nearly impossible to do if you don’t own an email list.

Prioritize building a donor list.  – @mamietaughtme

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Now that you know that owning a platform for foundation donors to pledge their dollars to your memorial foundation is crucial. Let me tell you the two key systems you’ll need to find and keep your donors coming back.

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The first one and quite arguable the easiest way to find donors is through your website’s analytics. When you own your platform you own your analytics, which means you have access to data about your visitors. If you want to know where your visitors come from on your website, it’s as simple as adding a little code from Google Analytics. That’s something you can’t do with GoFundme or other crowdfunding sites.

Google Analytics is a free software that lets you measure your advertising ROI. Google Analytics gives you information about the source of your website’s visitors demographics like their location and language. It can even tell you top blog posts or pages and how long visitors stayed on your pages. All of this and more is available to you at no charge. So, you should definitely use it to your advantage. This should absolutely be a major component used in your marketing strategy. If you don’t know how to add Google Analytics code to your website, hire a web designer on the We C.A.R.E. Marketplace to insert it for you.

Power Mapping, which is my next best system for finding foundation donors isn’t even on the internet. If you want to find donors for your memorial foundation you will need to draw a power map. All you will need is good old fashion pen and paper. A power map is a diagram that shows the flow of power and money in your network.

Ask yourself where is the money and how can you get to it. Power isn’t solely about money. You’ll want to include people on your power map who can provide you with other things. Influence and useful resources are just as valuable. You’ve heard of six degrees of separation. Well then, a power map is a visual guide. A power map shows you who to talk to about donating to your foundation. Once you have your power map in place you’ll be able to search for common threads. This will help you determine the best places to market for donors on and offline. This is probably the best way to reach major donors, like brands and large corporations for your memorial foundation.

Before you reach out to donors, you’ll want to make sure you have your memorial foundation’s business in order. Don’t expect the donors to come to you when you don’t have your foundation setup properly. Investors want to work with professionals.  That means having your brand and board of directors, memorial foundation mission and strategy for accomplishing said mission available. Transparency is key for bringing in donor dollars. Follow the four key steps in my Memorial Foundation Startup Guide BEFORE reaching out to donors. Download the guide at

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