Breaking Down Your Memorial Foundation Goals

When you decided to start a memorial foundation did you think about what your primary goals would be? Did you consider what life could be like once you met every single goal you set out to achieve? There lies your ultimate reason for establishing your foundation in the first place. Looking at it from that perspective can make your big goals seem very daunting. I’m here to help you break them down.

The way to reach your big goals is to break them down into smaller tasks. You’ve probably seen me write this in similar blog posts, but I believe it is important to begin with the end in mind. Think about your outcomes and then work backwards. Write down everything you hope to accomplish and then start putting deadlines on them.

These are just a few of the ways that I tackle my hardest goals. These are transferable skills that you can use to breakdown your memorial foundation goals as well. Let’s breakdown three of the most common goals I’ve been asked to help memorial foundations accomplish.

Big Goal: Start a Memorial Foundation. One of the most challenging goals memorial foundations come to me for is simply just getting started. They seem to get stuck because they feel like it’s such a massive project to take on starting a new business. For those who are starting on their own, here are a the four major goals I tell them to start with (I talk about these in depth in my Memorial Foundation Startup Guide). These are topics that if you spend some time diving into, you will discover have to be broken down into smaller tasks. Take the time to do the work. I promise it will be worth it!

  1. Make A Plan
  2. Recruit Board Members
  3. Form Business Entity
  4. Plan For Growth

Big Goal: Find the Right People. This is so broad, I usually have to work with memorial foundation startups by having them breakdown their contacts into segments of people who are future donors and people who are potential partners. Here’s how we breakdown the tasks.

  1. Collect Contacts
  2. Create a Mailing List with Active Campaign or Mailchimp
  3. Segment Mailing List into Future Donors and Potential Partners
  4. Nurture Your Relationships Through Constant Contact
  5. Grow Your Mailing Lists


Big Goal: Launch a Fundraising Campaign. I see a lot of people asking for money, some who have even approached me, without having a plan for how they will use the money, where they plan to get it from or how to keep more coming in over and over again. Although my way may differ from someone else’s, it’s still very important to breakdown a goal as big as this.

  1. Determine a Cause
  2. Find Other Advocates
  3. Create a Marketing Strategy
  4. Set a Timeline (Start to Finish of All Tasks With Deadlines)
  5. Establish a System for Bringing In Donations (Online and In Person)
  6. Schedule Online Social Media Posts and Email Campaigns
  7. Raise Awareness About Your Campaign
  8. Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

If you are looking for memorial foundation support schedule a FREE Strategy Session with Amberly at or consider joining Mamie’s Memorial Mastermind, a membership program that teaches you how to build a brand that will grow your memorial foundation so that you can get more leads, more email subscribers, more traffic, and more donations. More of what your memorial foundation needs to be sustainable.


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