Why Your Memorial Foundation Is Struggling

Why Your Memorial Foundation is Struggling

When people come to me and ask for advice to start or grow their memorial foundations, I find they are usually held back by three very basic things. And just so we’re clear, these are three things every brand needs to thrive in the online space. So the fact that these topics are brought up in FAQs (frequently asked questions) in my business, tells me that this information isn’t being shared as often as you’d think on the internet. Keep reading, I’ll share what those 3 big mistakes are and give you tips on how to stop struggling and overcome these challenges so that you can boost your memorial foundation brand’s impact.

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Why Your Memorial Foundation Isn’t Successful

You Haven’t Built a Community

As we ended out the New Year, Facebook was about to close in at 3 Billion users. How many of those are actually your Facebook friends? Probably a very small percentage. If you are only sharing your mission and services in posts on your personal profile, you are missing out on so many opportunities for business. If you aren’t in any groups, I suggest you join 3-5 groups that you know your target market frequents and start helping them where they are. Answer their questions or survey them about the problems they are facing. This is a sure fire way to make genuine connections with potential donors and donation recipients. It’s also a great way to find volunteers. Once you find these people give them a space where they can hang out and connect with you again and again. Your email list is a great way to stay connected through quick emails or even a weekly newsletter from your business. The other option is to start a Facebook or co-working space online. If you are often working in and on your foundation alone, having a supportive circle of like-minded individuals will boost your energy and help you find resources and answers you are looking for, most of the time at rapid speed.

You Aren’t Receiving Any Passive Income

What other ways does your memorial foundation bring in funds to sustain the programming and operations of the business? Hopefully you answered with selling merchandise online. People don’t come to Facebook to give, they come to receive. So give the people what they want, please! If they are really eager to stay connected to you and your movement, they will be interested in joining your memorial foundation’s donor membership program where they can receive incentives for donating on a reoccurring basis. If you aren’t ready to launch a membership program yet, open an e-commerce store and sell memorabilia products. Apparel, accessories and digital products are just a few items that you can start with in your online shop and begin bringing in passive income while you sleep. Facebook even lets you sell right from you business page, but if you’re really looking to automate your systems and curate a better experience for your donors, I suggest hosting any sales on your own WooCommerce website that way you can pocket more of the profit and incur fewer third-party fees. (Want to know more about how this works? Get more information here.)

You Haven’t Been Consistent

Do you have a problem with finishing tasks in a timely matter? Does the thought of having to work on a schedule make you feel stuck? I bet you’ve probably told yourself time and time again that you can’t finish what you start. If this is true for you, then you need to take a long hard look at why you’re creating a memorial foundation. If you are constantly starting and stopping, perhaps you are distracted. Only you can prioritize and determine the level of commitment you have for building YOUR memorial foundation. And nobody is going to take you serious until you do! So decide if this is what you REALLY want. If this is what you truly want to do, get to work, but your actions must be consistent with your words. (Related Article: Breaking Down Your Memorial Foundation Goals)

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