Mind Over Money: How to Challenge Yourself to Think In Abundance About Money

With the holiday season having just passed, it’s always interesting how people think about money, what they have or don’t have and how they choose spend it and what they believe they can’t afford. Listen in as Amberly is joined by Chief Budget Balancer Felicia Blaise of FeliciaBlaise.com to discuss money management tips for abundance in the new year.

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What You Will Learn...

  • Dream of traveling the world but struggle with managing your money? (Learn why Felicia’s your girl!)
  • How to spend less, pay down debt and travel like a boss
  • What we can learn from how Cuba has manages their entire country’s budget
  • How to figure out where your money is going each month
  • How to plan for financial freedom
  • How to survive in an expensive city like New York
  • What a Glow Up Plan is and why you need that over a Budget Plan
  • The one thing that’s keeping broke people broke
  • How to generate “extra” income
  • Why you need to create a budget whether you are in debt or not
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