How to Start Your Memorial Foundation With No Money

How to Start a Foundation With No Money

You probably wouldn’t believe this, but you can start your memorial foundation with no money. In fact, there are plenty of businesses that are started without any investment or seed money. The secret is creating an audience before you launch. Keep reading to learn 4 ways to do this.

Building an audience before you launch can help you start your foundation with no money down.

How would you like to finally start your memorial foundation in honor of your loved one? Have you been putting it off because you don’t have the funds or you don’t know how to raise the money to get your 501(c)3? Perhaps you’re worried you will become one of the 30% of new businesses that fail during the first two years of being open, or worst, that you’ll never even get to launch. That doesn’t have to be your story.

4 Ways to Grow Your Audience and Build a Wildly Successful Memorial Foundation


Open up a social media account on one of the platforms your target market frequents often. If that’s Facebook, then join a fb group and begin to ask and answer questions. Maybe they are on Instagram… Follow the thread and began to leave people comments and comment under their posts using themed hashtag to provide answers and sharing content on relevant issues. A strong online presence will increase your reach and impact. Help your people where they are. (Read this article to learn more: Foundation Donors, Which Marketing Channel is Your Best Source)

Go Live

The fastest way to let people know who you want to help and how you can serve them is to “go live” on Facebook. Facebook is quickly closing in on the two billion user mark. You may not have an audience right away, but trust that if your foundation is what they are looking for and you are promoting, they will find you. For some, flying off the cuff in a video can be scary. Don’t worry about being perfect or messing up. Just keep sharing your story.

Shamelessly Promote Yourself

Far too often people are so worried about what people will say about their goals and their desires. So worried in fact, that they say nothing when they could be networking and opening doors to opportunities for themselves. You have got to get out and meet people of in real life. Talk to every person you meet and tell them who you are and share your mission. My momma used to say, “A closed mouth won’t get fed.” Get out and speak up.

Collect Reviews

Even though you may not be receiving any donations at the moment and maybe you aren’t even hosting any programs or projects, you can still collect reviews from people you are helping. People will want to know about your reputation when you get started and having a pile of bragging sheets to share with others when you finally launch can be very handy.


The items above require no money, but are just as integral for all memorial foundations that wish to be wildly successful. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll be off to a great start without even spending a dime to launch. I know how overwhelming it can be to try to do it all on your own, especially when you are just getting started. If you need assistance with building your memorial foundation’s reach and visibility, consider joining Mamie’s Memorial Mastermind. Mamie’s Memorial Mastermind is a membership program that teaches you how to build a brand in online spaces. Check it out here.

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