How Do You Keep Track Of All Your Important Contacts?

Traveling and meeting other families or advocates will help grow your memorial foundation, but keep up with all the important contacts can be challenging. Your memorial foundation is only as strong as it’s network. To avoid wasting time and money, you’ll want to keep track of all your important contacts.

I want to first caution you around going to events that do not serve your greater purpose. When you are first starting out, your memorial foundation will need exposure. You want people to get to know the story of your loved one. You will want them to know and share your mission.

Choose to attend events that align with the purpose and mission of your memorial foundation. Let’s say your foundation focuses on ending gun violence in your community. Having a vendor table with your local wine and beer festival could be helpful for visibility, but probably not impactful for ending gun violence. This event would better suit a memorial foundation that focuses on drunk driving. They could host a hydration station and hand out information about drinking responsibly. This topic is directly related to their cause and this event is a great venue for both visibility and impact.

Furthermore, you don’t want to waste time or money attending events that are not going to boost your impact. Donors are more likely to give to memorial foundations that focus on creating change and directly impact their cause. Subsequently, choosing the right events to network and support are crucial to bringing in donor dollars.  Your strategic plan should include the events you intend to support with attendance and collaboration. Supporting events that are a good fit for your organization will allow your memorial foundation to budget for your attendance annually.

As a result, if you are attending events that are best for your organization, you will meet important contacts. You will want to stay connected to them and build relationships.  These contacts could be future donors or potential business partners, either way you will need to keep their contact information.

The best way to keep in touch with your important contacts is to place them on your email list. If you only have a phone number, be sure to call them right away and ask them for their email address. You can open up an email marketing account for free with Active Campaign or Mailchimp. Segment your mailing list for donors and potential business partners.  That way you will send solicitations and campaigns to the right individuals or businesses.

Your mailing list is full of your contacts. You need to guard this with your life. Make sure it’s up-to-date. If you need help growing your email list, take the 5 Day List Building Challenge that shows you how to setup a FREE email marketing account, start automations to warm up donors and tells you step-by-step how to create email appeal campaign.

Making connections will always be important, but building relationships with the right contacts will help your memorial foundation grow. Make sure that the events you choose to participate in provide visibility, but more importantly, align with your organization’s purpose and impact. Always collect emails and add them to your mailing list for future email marketing campaigns, because this will impact the growth and impact of your memorial foundation.


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